Facebook’s “M” …  is People!

This is an interesting dive into exactly what, or should I say who, is powering Facebook’s new artificial intelligence, its Virtual Personal Assistant, “M.” 

The biggest issue with trying to prove whether or not M is an AI is that, contrary to other AIs that pretend to be human, M insists it’s an AI. Thus, what we would be testing for is humans pretending to be an AI, which is much harder to test than the other way round, because it’s much easier for humans to pretend to be an AI than for an AI to pretend to be a human.

This is part of a much bigger trend, where crowdsourcing services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk will be the bridge to full-blown, high-functioning Virtual Personal Assistants.

You can learn more about Amazon, and what I see as their longer-term plans on this front here: 


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