Facebook Becomes More Emotionally Intelligent

Facebook Becomes More Emotionally Intelligent

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Facebook Becomes More Emotionally Intelligent

The Like button is making way for five more signals on Facebook, including: love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

These six reactions emoji are a sign of just how serious Facebook is about emotional intelligence. The News Feed will now reflect this greater set of reactions — how many loves, how many wows — a post gets.

Oh, and lest you assume Facebook is doing this just to help people emotionally express themselves, uh, well, that’s not the only reason:

The Reactions emoji could benefit Facebook, giving the data-driven company even greater insight into what interests users, which in turn could help inform what status updates and advertisements they see. Eventually content producers and publishers will get more granular detail on how people are responding emotionally to posts.

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  1. Is facebook still a thing? 🙂

    Haven’t been there in ages….

    All G+, Snapchat and forums in Medium and others for me…

  2. Rick Heil Well, I would like to use G+ only but the reality is that I use Fb much more now. One place for everything not like the disassembled network G+ has become 🙁

    … and many have become almost inactive here lately.

  3. My core issue with Facebook is its revenue model. The product is the data the capture from their users and sell to anyone who will buy, packaging and repackaging the data in ways they wont disclose. Their collection, manipulation and commercial us of customer data I simply refuse to be part of. Granted G+ and others are simiar but its not their primary purpose (to collect and sell data), tehy use te data in aggregate to offer ads primairly. That’s not the FB model… critical difference in my opinion and one I can’t and wont participate in.

    I also fundamentally dont like the freinding model, preferring the following model here and in twitter, etc.

    Hopefully soon, very soon a system will be created that is truly decentralized, controlled only by its users, secure, data unseeable by anyone other than whom you elect to share it with, etc…we have the tech – blockchain. And I am tracking a number of projects that have the potential to make Facebook the next Myspace #2.Can’t be soon enough.

  4. I left out to perhaps the second great evil of Facebook, their whole mentality (ala Yahoo) of trying to make a walled garden and capture the user into their curated world view. Not only simply wrongheaded but fraught with nasty potentials.

    Developing social interactions aggregations that leveraged and grow the web is what should be supported, not one that actively tries to contain, control it and monetize it..

    If, when, people understood what FB is they would stop using it instantly. I have. Its simply wrong bordering on the potential to become actively evil.

  5. Rick Heil I agree on many of your points.

    You can follow on Facebook and liking a page is about the same as follow one here.

    A new decentralized system with no commercial orientation would be nice but I can’t imagine that Facebook will be history soon.

  6. That’s only because its replacement isn’t here yet, though it’s coming. Though some interim steps are already here, see the growth of Snapchat for example, and others. 

    Facebook will be the next MySpace, Compuserve, Yahoo and it will happen rapidly (and unexpectedly). I’d advise not owning any (overinflated) FB stock… it’s a perilous business plan eventually to be exposed. IMHO. 

  7. Rick Heil Don’t get me wrong. I personally don’t like Facebook also for the reasons you have given.

    I just use it for my business to get some traffic to my sites and this seems to work pretty well for now.

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