Excellent argument by David Amerland on the need for a Universal Basic Income. I really like the following point, in…

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Excellent argument by David Amerland on the need for a Universal Basic Income. I really like the following point, in particular:

“When everyone receives a Universal Basic Income regardless, that premise goes out of the window and with it, any kind of direct or indirect power a political party or a government may exercise over its citizens.”

We are rapidly moving into a new economic reality where business as usual is going to lead us to some pretty ugly scenarios. Some form of UBI seems like it will be essential as a stabilizing force in the rough and tumble economic reality that is now emerging. I see it as part of a series of economic reforms that we need to start moving to — now.

Nice contribution to the case for this important piece of the puzzle.




  1. Pinned to my Universal Basic Income Collection.

  2. Gideon Rosenblatt thank you for adding this here and we are, indeed, looking at something massive that will happen, in the first instance, incrementally and haphazardly. And there are many moving parts to it. Your idea of company stakeholder ownership is an important aspect to it.

  3. David Amerland, yes, it’s going to take an ensemble approach if we are going to address these enormous problems. Your piece is a great articulation of why there may be resistance, and why we must proceed regardless.

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt We are all now part of the pressure being created for it. Let’s see what happens.

  5. Excellent Piece. Thanks for posting Gideon!

  6. Interesting conversation here….

  7. Frank Gainsford, also see the post David Amerland made for this article. Good insights there:

    plus.google.com – Mind, Technology, Money and UBI At first glance this is an unlikely post to …

  8. Always we will need the wisdom of the overview because the individual cannot see the whole assembly, though in time that will be data input to AI systems that will manage our fiat currency without political bias, save that which is originally built in to the structure or design of said AI instrument.

  9. Mostly “the control exercised over its citizens” is the transference of money from the many to the few! via austerity which will see your kids with no inheritance (money spent on mum and dads care) via a loan against the property forced by government. No good quality childcare, hence poverty trap as not worth working. We need the government to be a government that provisions the populace, not that keeps taking and taking from us the householders! Don’t you think we can do better than this considering we have a limitless supply of fiat currency in our economy which does not mean limitless spending. We think AI systems can enhance our society by guiding us as to what can be done within the remits of managing the currency value.

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