Easy Way to Support Your Local Bookstores

Easy Way to Support Your Local Bookstores

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Easy Way to Support Your Local Bookstores

I’m retraining myself to switch my purchasing behavior for books away from the knee-jerk search on Amazon to another site, called IndieBound that is set up to support local, independent bookstores. Here’s the link:


In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

There are two ways to purchase books through IndieBound.org: (1) The “Buy Here” button on every book page allows readers to purchase the book immediately, and the sale will support the entire network of independent bookstores. (2) By entering a zip code in the “Shop Local” box, readers will be able to choose from among the websites for a list of independent bookstores near them. They will then be transferred to the selected store’s website to complete the purchase.

I stumbled onto this because I am boycotting Amazon right now due to their continued distribution of NRATV. Switching off the Amazon purchasing habit has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m buying directly from suppliers, the vast majority of which have e-commerce capabilities built into their websites nowadays.

Finding IndieBound was a really nice surprise. I just ordered my first book through it yesterday, routing the order through a bookstore that is a few blocks away from me. Here’s that link again:


If you forget it, just search for the book on Google Search and then click through to the link for Google Books info on the book and then click “Get this book in print” and you will see a link to IndieBound along with other options.


  1. Why not just walk in to the local bookstore next time you walk by ?

  2. Do you know that these indie book stores aren’t just getting their product from Amazon?

  3. Oksana Szulhan because I often run across books while I’m at my desk and they are often somewhat obscure and therefore unlikely to be kept in stock.

  4. Clinton Hammond it’s backed by the American Booksellers Association, with a dedicated focus on promoting their members, so I highly doubt that. These shops have their own logistics systems.

    en.m.wikipedia.org – IndieBound – Wikipedia

  5. Clinton Hammond, huh?

  6. The grammar of your last post was very entertaining

    Mine is a small mind…. It doesn’t take much

  7. Oh, sorry. Autocorrected again…


  8. Gideon Rosenblatt, interesting; I find lots of obscure and out-of-print books at local ( especially second-hand ) bookstores :=)

  9. Oksana Szulhan , yes, it’s just a question of whether those particular obscure books in stock happen to be the obscure one you’re looking for. There are a lot of books out there, and small shops aren’t like Amazon with best infinite shelf space. That’s why a system like this is so important: it helps these smaller shops work with the longtail of Internet purchases.

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