Distributed Autonomous Organizations — DAOs

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Is it possible to run an organization without managers, employees or even a formal head office? Can it be run entirely decentralized and autonomous? Christoph will present blockchain enabled government structures as well as the story of “The DAO, the largest crowdfunding project in history”.

Christoph Jentzsch works on exploring the most basic fundamentals in different systems. After studying theoretical physics in Dresden he worked on the protocol and as the lead tester for the non-profit organization Ethereum. Building a blockchain which enables smart contracts as the fundamentals for a new decentralized economy. Using this technology he authored “The DAO”, a decentralized autonomous organisation which runs entirely on the blockchain. He also founded the company Slock.it working on the decentralized sharing economy.


  1. Great Post …

    The Setting of a Bernie Madoff …

    Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​

  2. A great route around the Madoffs perhaps, Coach G Moore.

  3. Thanks +Gideon Rosenblat

    The Dominos Are Lined Up !!!

    (oops Google This Ain’t An Ad)

    Gideon … Google locked onto this as Domino’s Pizza … Bad Google

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt Some people have amazing minds and perform brilliantly. could we focus on these individuals in our calamitous climate?

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