DeepMind Focusing on Near-Term Social Impact of AI

DeepMind Focusing on Near-Term Social Impact of AI

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DeepMind Focusing on Near-Term Social Impact of AI

The DeepMind Ethics & Society (DMES) will initially focus on 6 areas, which include:

* Privacy transparency and fairness;

* Economic impacts;

* Governance and accountability;

* Managing AI risk;

* AI morality and values;

* How AI can address the world’s challenges

“The topics that we’re concerned with are how do you scrutinize an algorithm; how do you hold an algorithm accountable when it’s making very important decisions that actually affect the experiences and life outcomes of people.”

The new DeepMind unit is separate from the secretive internal ethics and safety board, which was set up when Google acquired DeepMind and is primarily concerned with the longer-term questions of Artificial General Intelligence. DMES is being designed to be more open and collaborative from the get-go. The article explores a bit the relationship between this new in-house unit and the industry group, the Partnership on AI, which includes Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Apple.


  1. Ethic?…considered or monitored?

  2. Ryan Leahy, what do you mean?

  3. WOW … Great Share on Google Plus … Intelligent and Educational …

    A Must File in Google Keep … thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​

  4. Next step. Inserting chips in every human so that governments know where they are, what they do, and the company they frequent.

  5. Believe the chip in your hand, it’ll start to happen very soon. To have certain groups watched.

  6. That so cool i mean it 😊☺

  7. ElCid48 Governments do not need to do that: we give out that information freely all day every day!

  8. Meg Tufano Yes! You are right. By using our cellphones.

  9. Hbbb b b b bbbbb bbbhhhbbhbbbbhbbb hbbhb b

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