Creativity and Machines

Creativity and Machines

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Creativity and Machines

Or maybe it is Bach himself. That’s Cope’s view, anyway: ‘Bach created all of the chords. It’s like taking Parmesan cheese and putting it through the grater, and then trying to put it back together again. It would still turn out to be Parmesan cheese.’


  1. I think the author is maybe falling for the misty-eyed interpretation a little bit by following Tolstoy in conflating two different things. An emotional connection can be had without it being art and art can be had without an emotional connection. The two are independent.

    In fact, I would argue that a strong emotional connection can become a hinderance to the creation of art. The poetry of teenage angst, a book centered on a Mary Sue, etc. We generally appreciate skill more than emotional connection or, at least, without skill the emotional connection is lost on most (save for family and friends).

  2. You could switch it to “can humans create true art, or do they only imitate?” and it wouldn’t change much about the discussion beyond a few fuzzy platitudes about feelings.

  3. Robin Lea exactly.

  4. Happy birthday party

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