Connection and the Evolution of Business

Connection and the Evolution of Business

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Connection and the Evolution of Business

I’m starting to publish again on The Huffington Post. This one is about the shift to networks in business.

We’ve come a long way since the days when the Ford Rouge Complex was the cutting edge of organizational design. But in some ways, we’re still stuck in the old model. Though we might not say it explicitly, we still tend to think of the corporation as a kind of machine; a mechanical, deterministic thing that we wind up and point in the direction of making money.

That is the old model, where connections are deliberate, planned and controlled, and it is not the true nature of the firm. The true nature of the firm is nature, and it is now time to look to biology for guidance on how it creates value in the new, networked era — the era of radical connectedness.


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  1. “The true nature of the firm is nature, and it is now time to look to biology for guidance on how it creates value in the new, networked era” #biomimetics Good stuff Gideon Rosenblatt  🙂

  2. I can’t keep up with you Gideon Rosenblatt! I will read after watching your wife’s interview 🙂

  3. Brilliant, Thank’s for that Gideon Rosenblatt – perfect timing indeed 🙂

    Just in the making: producing a seminar and learning program for leaders who wish to upgrade their Social Leadership skill sets to lead networked and distributed organisations – more on that later during spring/summer in Conversation. We will probably do a basic introduction of the first part for those in the community who would be interested to participate in a trial Hangout Seminar later this fall.

    Ping John Kellden

  4. Thanks Hans Youngmann and Jan Friman. I appreciate that. Going to that Ford plant really did help me get a little perspective on how much has changed. They do a nice job of laying out the history of one of the earlier examples of modern assembly lines. 

    The seminar sounds great, Jan Friman. Are you working with John on that? 

  5. Thanks Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales. I’m just starting to work on distributing my writing a little broader these days…you know, doing my job to keep the hamster wheel churning….;-)

  6. Oh wow interestin

  7. Gideon Rosenblatt John is tightly weaved into the knowledge stream and we’re working together on the framework and output channels for this type of effort.

    There are of course huge pedagogical challenges in this process which mean we focus heavily on channeling competence into this particular area.

    The Conversation community serves as our reference mechanism supporting our teams continuous learning and innovation process. It will also facilitate some of our output channels and possibly provide expertise for our clients. Some of it’s members will be weaved into the process gradually.

    There are various products being built; seminars and workshops of course, on-line educational material will be our main focus, individual and team coaching of leaders will come into play when the foundation is laid.

    If the Conversation community and it’s future products and processes serves as a theoretical framework, form of guidance and resource base – also providing the brand with nourishment – our products are hands on, down to earth and provide an extremely practical approach from the ground up.

    We simply provide roadmaps and guidelines on how leadership can enable functional social presence that effectively can contribute to facilitate and manage distributed networks and organisations in an agile and lean manner. #futureofwork

    Initially we focus on individual leadership and management to help transform knowledge productivity skills, then moving up the ladder towards #socialprecensing and #co-creation throughout an entire organisation.


    The brand platform for this endeavour is yet to be revealed 🙂

  8. Thanks much for the ping Jan Friman 

    Really happy to see this post and thread Gideon Rosenblatt  also, there’s future media models to be gleaned out of our shared interest graphs and meaningful connectivity enabling improved graph traversal.

  9. I had no idea al that was going on, Jan Friman. Cool. 

    Thanks, John Kellden. Hey, are we still talking later today? I have us down for 1pm Pacific Standard. That still on? 

  10. We are!  I’ve sent us a g cal.

  11. Sounds good, John Kellden. 

  12. Oh wow interestin

  13. Thanks for knowledge

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