Bye Bye Boston Dynamics

Bye Bye Boston Dynamics

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Bye Bye Boston Dynamics

Looks like Google is looking to sell Boston Dynamics. The market for humanoid robotics is still premature outside of military applications and it may have tarnished the Google brand a bit what with all the robo-fear these days. Amazon and Toyota are said to be two possible buyers.


  1. They are just too creepy. Was it really necessary to mimic human ambulation with this?

  2. That’s a good question, Lisa Borel​. The advantages of the humanoid form is that it makes it easier to navigate in an environment built for humans.

  3. What a shame. Another premature sale, like with Motorola

  4. I think that may have been a poorly analyzed assumption Gideon Rosenblatt . Manufacturing robots are not humanoid in form, nor are the robots built to work in the destroyed containment buildings at Fukushima.

  5. Hm… The last bit of the article is interesting to note… Boston Dynamics didn’t work well with the other robotics departments… Wonder how much that had to do with the decision.

  6. Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales Engineers, they’re a strange bunch 🙂

  7. Lol Craig Burton of course you knew exactly where I was going with that… I want to know the drama that went down lmao

  8. I’m sure they’ll keep rights to the relevant IP. I do find it curious though, seeing as how BD seems to be on the cusp of actually useful humanoid robots.

  9. Can’t speak to Fukushima, Lisa Borel, most manufacturing robotics have here-to-fore have essentially been extensions of the production line – not something intended to move about in a human environment. Think search and rescue or military applications…

  10. I thought that was interesting too, Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales. A few months back, I read a book by John Markoff called Machines of Loving Grace, and it touched on Boston Dynamics quite a bit. I did get the strong sense from that that they are pretty tight with DARPA and the military. Maybe that’s why…

  11. Interesting point, John Newman. That was what they did w/ Motorola – use it largely for IP. Wonder if there might be a similar strategy at work here.

  12. I would speculate that in the future, this company may want to contract with the military which is something that Google would probably not be willing to do.

  13. Tau-Mu Yi​ yeah, that sounds pretty likely as well. BD is particularly well poised to create the impending robot army and Google might not want to be the symbolic progenitor of that shift in warfare.

  14. While making such ‘out of the box’ investments, automobile giant Toyota, alike several other Japanese companies, has been looking at the future and keeping on its mind the country’s low birth rates and ageing population. Simply put, the long-term revenue possibilities look very good for companies willing to spend on robotics R&D today, said the analyst.

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