But the question is what is the effect of billions of such algorithms working together at the macro level? You can’t...

But the question is what is the effect of billions of such algorithms working together at the macro level? You can’t…

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But the question is what is the effect of billions of such algorithms working together at the macro level? You can’t predict the learned behavior at the level of the population from microscopic rules.



  1. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Perhaps the lack : the intelligent machine have not be able yet to question the quality of its own calculations . . . and thank you Gideon!

  3. Very informative article, tnk u as always 4sharing

  4. Sounds like an article from the 80ies :)) all bs

  5. Algorithms dazzle the dumb masses into using money instead of food. Even as 6th Earth Extinction is going into over-drive.

    Crash is on track, System isolated boils $ Force to the Absolute~Earth staying cool.

  6. Wow&a big Wow!

  7. The Trump was installed by Republican Treason using Russian Intel. It won’t let open systems of Nature Have Your Say.

    But Closed System Thermodynamics is Locked and will have consequence that involves Home. Entropy Absolutely

  8. This is One Box at least worth opening.

  9. A homeless woman darted across traffic at night in a poorly lit area. A human would certainly have hit her too. Not sure why so many news outlets played this incident up.

  10. Benjamin Hardisty With more and more heavy moving machines equipped with artificial intelligence inevitably killing people there has to be some concerns raised. What is the right machine murder ratio? If the machines can stick to murdering only the homeless won’t they solve the homeless problem?

  11. Don’t you see, we are all on whole homeless as Earth is forced Hot.

    Let’s defuse Midas Touch Madness and end the paving of Earth surface in favor of bikes and use of technology that is simple as possible yet which best helps Home. OK

  12. The article starts with an example barely related to algorithms at all. The autonomous braking had been disabled to avoid false positives. This made the human supervisor essential, but she was distracted and did not intervene. This unfortunate occurrence was more a result of negligent test protocols and personnel supervision than a failure of algorithms. There is a rumor that some people at Uber said the motto of the self driving program was “Safety Third”. That would be totally consistent with this event.

  13. William Sears, I’d not heard those details on this problem. Is that a documented explanation of what happened?

  14. Gideon Rosenblatt Multiple reports from reliable sources. Googling “Uber Tempe accident report “ has many relevant links.

  15. At 1.3 seconds before impact, the self-driving system determined that emergency braking was needed to mitigate a collision. According to Uber emergency braking maneuvers are not enabled while the vehicle is under computer control to reduce the potential for erratic vehicle behavior. The vehicle operator is relied on to intervene and take action. The system is not designed to alert the operator.

    ntsb.gov – Preliminary Report Released for Crash Involving Pedestrian, Uber Technologies, Inc., Test Vehicle

  16. Benjamin Hardisty Not quite. I’ve driven that road lots. It’s very well lit. No human would have hit that woman unless they were drunk or texting The video they released is deceptive. It was shot with a crappy dash cam. Uber uses shit sensors and crap software. They are rushing to market to try and beat Waymo so they can stop paying human drivers. They don’t care about safety. Once Waymo goes full driverless they will wipe Uber off the map. Uber is at the same place as the horse drawn buggy when the auto was introduced.

  17. Robert Hamilton I agree that a human driver probably would not have hit her. Even with the poor video I found I had about two seconds of warning with the video. A human would have at least slowed down a lot and in the actual conditions probably stopped. A modest swerve would have also worked. Uber had video of the operator and it seems like this wasn’t the first time she was distracted. So this really about safety culture in Uber’s autonomous driving program and not about their technology. Apparently that isn’t very good yet, but others are doing better.

  18. William Sears i didnt see that but i read the hole story through back fort yes its a learned habit once you come into knowing yes uber seem to have a better platform but like the both of their ideal

  19. Gideon Rosenblatt i dont now for sure but by experience driveing for lyft i would believe thats to be true becuase of other ENTiTy that urber has it needs to protecect itself so i would say that its true

  20. William Sears what problemis it that you are talking about can u elaborate

  21. Gideon Rosenblatt no it wasnt documented if u are talking about what happened to me no it wasnt documented

  22. yes that can be true its heavily populated small town

  23. Gideon Rosenblatt yes i saw that with the accident my car was involved in it had damage to the hood but no air bag was employed i had a thought something like that happened so i started being aware

  24. William Sears thats some what happened to me i pulled right over when i started feeling weird and couldnt drive yes it seems like uber is more safty conscious but lyft was very concern and treated me good only charge me for the use of the car after the accident i havnt been able to pay lyft what i owe them yet they were highly concern of my well being

  25. William Sears no but they have other ENTiTy and venues that seems eye catching

  26. Eric Green The only problem

    I referred to is a safety culture problem at Uber’s self driving car division. Google “Safety Third Uber” for some references. As it relates to this incident, a periodic review of the safety driver video would likely have revealed that this driver was not fully attentive. It seems likely there prior instances of this behavior. An attentive safety driver most likely would have saved the life of the pedestrian.

  27. i would saw so but they have other features that catches the eye yes they do have other companies

  28. William Sears like i said before it was 5g getting scared that 3 g was catching up to it too fast like if the past caught up to the future

  29. I just have to ask. Wouldn’t it help if the car was able to throw out a good infra-red cover. Then it would “see” into any dark areas.

  30. Dave Savage I believe the car could see her. It’s just that the auto braking had been turned off because it had so many false positives.

  31. Issues with the soul or can a soul adopt Al?

  32. William Pettigrew it has already they already know about human character it I believe just wants peace for all

  33. I believe i have so I’ll its possible

  34. Yes it was created

  35. A DreamWorks turned up to be so true Wow

  36. This is the ONLY app I truest relate with

  37. far out.circa 1969…

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