Bridging Online and Real-World Engagement

Bridging Online and Real-World Engagement

Back when I used to run a mission-driven engagement consulting shop, I developed a framework to help our clients more effectively engage their constituents. Our clients were mostly nonprofit organizations, though I now see that the model could be useful for a much broader range of mission-driven business and social enterprises. 

One of the key goals for this framework was to bridge technology assisted, online communications aimed at increasing reach with the more personal and face-to-face kinds of engagement that most often result in real world impact. 

For this reason, this framework isn’t based on transactional thinking. It comes more out of a community organizing model, where the upper levels are more about developing people and their ownership and leadership of the mission. My work on this model helped me eventually to see the importance of pushing power, pushing value creation and many other critical organizational functions outside the traditional boundaries of the organization. 

This is the first time I’ve shared this work publicly since setting aside that work on engagement consulting several years ago. I’ve intentionally not modified the core ideas from the original model, as I fear that digging back into this again might become a very large project. I share it here, in the hopes that it will be of use to people thinking about engagement and the connection to real-world impact. 

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