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I am getting the most excited I’ve been in a while about a particular technology — it’s the possibilities for Solid that are capturing my attention these days. For those unfamiliar with Solid (and Inrupt), this is Tim Berners-Lee’s newest focus and his attempt to wrestle back the decentralized promise of the World Wide Web that he first imagined.

This link is to the Solid forum and includes a few articles about these projects as well as a few talks. If you’re a software developer and care about decentralized technologies, now is a great time to dive in and learn more.

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  1. Open-book are signaling they’re intent on supporting Solid. – Openbook | A social network for a better tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Per Siden. That’s very interesting. Are you on the Solid forum? (Would like to give you a hat tip for the link, which I just shared there too).

  3. Gideon Rosenblatt no, not yet at least. No need to hat tip, but if you find it interesting enough, by all means mention Openbook there. They’re still only at a pretty early stage, but have an attractive concept.

  4. I’m a nuts-and-bolts kind of guy when actual nuts and bolts are involved. With stuff like this? Not so much.

    Also, at the moment I’m limited to an outdated iPad Mini (meaning outdated browsers, that are no longer universally supported). So, while I can see the potential for inrupt and solid, I still feel like I need to wait until something more user-friendly has been developed.

    I’m on the forum now, but… –

  5. …it appears my inrupt and solid accounts are not linked. – filsmyth

  6. fil smyth, do you mean some field for showing that one profile maps to another?

  7. When I created my pod (weeks ago) I chose to use inrupt rather than solid. The pod is useless to me until I can gain access to a supported device/browser (or until the interface is made compatible). Was a bit surprised to have to sign up rather than log in. NBD

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