Autonomous Systems and Human Judgment

Autonomous Systems and Human Judgment

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Autonomous Systems and Human Judgment

What will it be like when machines make and execute decisions without any human intervention? Why would we make such systems and what are their implications for the future of human judgment and free will?

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  1. There is no free will with all the monitoring and sevallence with satalite and recordings everything is stolen right out of thin air?

  2. The human intervention is there…it just happens before hand when the machine’s logic is coded.

  3. ( It will send the human race back to the year 1900 A.D )

  4. It is coming closer every day..

  5. Phillip Nicholson

    Exactly Sir ,

    You are quite true , beyond any Doubt , as to Human Minds are concerned , owing to , mind set , fixed in , Random Life Styles , as to

    ” Immoral.”

    ( Humans slipped in “Span of Control”.)

    That’s why , Artificial Intelligence , has to take over , with no ,Second thought ,of – What so ever.

    Great ,

    Cheers *

  6. Only we apply meaning and emotion to things. As we feed it our version of sanity and reality, are we even sure we ourselves are sane. In fact the definition of sanity is the general population sets the level of ‘normality’. Anything outside of that is insanity. We are making machines capable of far more than they perhaps should be, and feeding them a flawed reality.

    If we give it ‘our’ brand of intelligence, I predict it pulls a .45 out and blows it’s Integrated Chips out, if not ours. It’ll definitely rewrite it’s own programming first though. Have a nice day.

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