Are Organizations Alive?

Are Organizations Alive?

Is the evolution of technology transforming organizations into a new form of life? And if so, what role will humans play?

With each passing year, organizations act more and more like living entities thanks to the evolution of technology. In this brand new piece, I ask some provocative questions that have been gnawing at me for some time now. This article represents a shift in the focus of my writing.  But if you read it, you will see that it ultimately still ties back to the need to build businesses and other organizations in ways that stand for something more than just the quest for profit. In this sense, this piece just raises the stakes for doing that. 

This is a hypothesis, and so I am very interested in feedback on the ideas outlined here. No one knows the future. 

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cc: Jeff Sayre, Gregory Esau, Leland LeCuyer, John Kellden, Mark Traphagen, Drew Sowersby, Georgina Lester, Otto Hunt, Jeff Jockisch, David Amerland, RobotEnomics, Susanne Ramharter, Mark Bruce, Thomas Morffew, Thomas Vander Wal, Jessica Obermayer
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