An Amazing, Inspiring Business

An Amazing, Inspiring Business

I just got back from visiting the manufacturing facilities of the most inspiring business I’ve run into yet. Skills Inc. was started in 1966 as a way to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing meaningful employment. It supplies very difficult to manufacture parts to the remarkably demanding technical requirements of the aerospace industry. Boeing is the main customer, and Skills makes some of its most technically demanding outsourced parts. It’s got an amazing technological focus, with cutting-edge computer numerical control (CNC) automation. Legally, it’s structured as a mission-driven non-profit entity, and it is extremely competitive in its market, and growing like crazy. 

And yet, running through the whole organization is an amazing commitment to putting people at the center. From walking around the offices and factory floors today, it was obvious that this isn’t just a work place. It changes people’s lives, and it’s operated for the long-term interests of its community here in the Seattle area.

It’s not often that you watch a video about parts manufacturing and get choked up, but this company tends to have that effect. I encourage you to watch the whole video (and like it if you feel so inclined). 

Sure wish there were a lot more companies like this one. 

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