Amazonian Tributaries

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Amazonian Tributaries

The other day, I was on a morning run through the South Lake Union area in Seattle. Many people were walking to work, dressed in subtly hip clothing, heads-down in their devices as they miraculously navigated around bikes, cars and other pedestrians – bodies on the streets of Seattle, heads in a virtual world. This is the new ecosystem in Seattle’s South Lake Union, aka “Amazonia.” And I was crossing through the early morning tributaries that flow down from the surrounding new apartments, into this mighty river each day.

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  1. It’s weird, Stefani Banerian​. Part of me is excited by all the transformation in Seattle these days, and post of me is concerned. But mostly, I have this weird feeling of our city growing as the result of the automation of the retail segment of the economy, and all the job losses that entails in other places around the country, and the world.

  2. There is a lot going on that is only tangentially affected by Amazon. This is how I can bike past, and see the golf balls growing, but know I’m not a part of it, that i’ll likely never see them from the inside, and rarely interact with any of the people.

  3. Oh, yeah. The botanical gardens that will serve as a Biosphere III, just in case…

  4. Welcome to the age of beards Gideon Rosenblatt Is Amazon new to Seattle?

  5. Ah, yes, the age of beards – just like the mid-1800s. No, Amazon’s been here since the start, but they are hiring like crazy and have moved into the center of Seattle over the last few years.

    Great to have your voice here again, Max Huijgen. Welcome back.

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