Always Rember the Rewards Function

Always Rember the Rewards Function

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Always Rember the Rewards Function

“From a strict technical perspective, we always look for the rewards function that drives the machine . . . The rewards function in an Amazon system is, get the customer to click the purchase button. At Netflix, it’s get the customer to click on one of our TV shows. What is the rewards function of a drone? Find the bad guys and eliminate them . . . It’s really what you define as the end goal of the system [that matters].”


  1. Todays “A.I.” isnt. Its not artificial intelligence. Its simulated intelligence. Or its a self enhancing neural network.

    Call me when they start solving problems they werent programmed to do, or programmed to learn how to do. That is intellect. But it still wouldnt mean it was artificial sentience. Or that it ever could be.

  2. jessica kelly hi sorry don’t Jion sites

  3. This guy has ruined your free will…..

  4. Year 3017: “Alexa, solve the Riemman Hypothesis!” Alexa:”Done!”

  5. Juan Orozco So ?

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