A Sugar-Free Brain for Increased Clarity

A Sugar-Free Brain for Increased Clarity

This spring, for the first time in my life, I did a seven-day meditation retreat at Spirit Rock, outside San Francisco. When I returned, my mental clarity was through the roof. What this article suggests is that, aside from the intensive meditation practice every day, part of that clarity was probably also due to the fact that I was eating a diet, free of refined sugar for that week. 


Also, this: 

Mentally, I feel better than I have in years. I’m happier, more aware, and more focused. I sleep better without any disruptions and wake more refreshed than ever—I haven’t felt this energetic since I was a teenager. My relationship with hunger has also changed. Sure, I still get hungry—just nowhere near as often. Eating a diet free from refined sugars fills me up and keeps me full for seven or eight hours. This has changed my concept of what my previous bouts of “hunger” actually were. I now realize that prior to this diet, most of the times I had felt “hungry”—every three hours or so—it was my body reaching out for another sugar hit. It wasn’t true hunger.

Thanks for this one, Yifat Cohen. 

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Originally shared by Yifat Cohen

Refined sugar’s addictive effect on the brain is more powerful than cocaine.

I’m sure you’ve heard that before. You also heard that refined sugar is in everything – it is found in most sweets, sodas, white breads, and pastas, virtually all “fat free” and “low fat” snacks, fruit juices, yogurts, energy drinks, most Starbucks drinks (including many coffees), sauces (ketchup, BBQ sauces, mayo, pasta sauces), and countless other packaged foods—has now been shown to make us cranky, make us make rash decisions, and make us stupid. 

BUT I don’t think we fully comprehend just how much refined sugar is in everything.

For example, a large Big Mac meal deal has 85 grams of sugar – 236% of your daily allowance of 25 grams or fewer each day.

So here’s a guy’s journey of just 2 weeks without refined sugar and the effects it had on his body…

Sadly, he concludes that:

“As positive as my experience has been—and as great as I feel—I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep saying no to refined sugar. The odds are stacked against me. Refined sugar is hidden in tens of thousands of foods and its addictive effect on the brain is more powerful than that of cocaine. Its presence and its marketing power are everywhere, which makes it nearly unavoidable unless you are willing to do what I did and prepare all of your meals using only fresh foods—something time and work commitments don’t always make possible.

Still, the benefits I’ve experienced from cutting refined sugar from my diet for only two weeks are too powerful to ignore. And that, I hope, will be enough.”


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