A Peak at the Neurological Moment of Connecting Ideas

A Peak at the Neurological Moment of Connecting Ideas

If you know Jennifer Aniston and can consistently recognize images of her in different poses, dresses and places, then you likely have your own dedicated “Jennifer Aniston” neuron. Scientists have known this for several years. (http://goo.gl/TuYDbL)

What’s relatively new (this article is a couple months old), is the idea that a neuron for “Jennifer Aniston” becomes entrained with a neuron for the Eiffel Tower when you see a picture of her in front of that landmark. All it takes is one exposure and that associative link can be made. After that, seeing the Eiffel Tower will also stimulate that Jennifer Aniston neuron too. 

This makes sense to me and helps me understand why one of my tricks for recalling someone’s name seems to work. When I’m having trouble with recalling someone or some thing, I will deliberately go about remembering all the associations I have with that person or object. It doesn’t always work, but quite often, just doing that will help me recall the name of what I was having trouble remembering. 

The mind is an amazing thing. 

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