A new platform for values-based investment. Cool.

A new platform for values-based investment. Cool.

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A new platform for values-based investment. Cool.

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Investment platform Motif launches value-driven automated investment service

The tech-enabled investment advisory space gains a new entrant this morning as Motif, a mobile and web-based investment platform, launches its own version of automated investments for customers. While companies like Betterment and Wealthfront have built sizable holdings by creating automating investment tools that purport to better manage an investor’s money, Motif takes the technology one step further by overlaying issues-based filters around sustainability, corporate governance or fair labor. Through a partnership with MSCIESG Research, Motif’s software develops a portfolio of investments based on assessments of a company’s performance around metrics beyond basic earnings. That can include its adherence to child labor laws, environmental policy, or good corporate governance (in most cases good governance companies also adhere to the other two policies, #justsyain).



  1. OMG this is so great!!

  2. Sorry “Folks” … #WallStreet is Out of Control … Too many #USBigBanks and #Unicorns plus High Velocity Trading

    Value is a myth in #America

  3. Agreed, Coach G Moore. That said, I think that approaches like this, ones that focus funding on businesses that aren’t exclusively following the shareholder primacy idea, are a part of the solution.

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt

    Agreed … an Unbiased AL reads our “Posts” also … Let’s All comment … It’s data Needed

    Appreciate your Post on Subject !!!

  5. Joel Solomon, you might find this interesting.

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