A Fully Automated, Intelligent Corporation ... That Decides to Stop Sharing the Wealth It Creates with Stockholders

A Fully Automated, Intelligent Corporation … That Decides to Stop Sharing the Wealth It Creates with Stockholders

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A Fully Automated, Intelligent Corporation … That Decides to Stop Sharing the Wealth It Creates with Stockholders

As corporations automate, might the artificial intelligence that runs them one day simply decide to stop distributing profits to human owners? We know the risks automation poses to wages, but what about investment income?

Welcome to the rabbit hole of an imaginary entity I call a “perfect profit machine.” It’s a corporation, fully automated all the way up to the artificial intelligence running its highest-level management decisions…

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  1. Gideon Rosenblatt Impressive thought trail.

  2. Thank you, Zara Altair!

  3. Passing on…excellent article goodday , Sir

  4. “What might actually lead a board of directors to cede corporate control to a machine without processes for vetting decisions with humans?”

    The TV show “Person of Interest” works on that rabbit hole. At the end of season 4 the heroes have been crushed. Waiting for 5…

    “…and the rise of a perfect profit machine” Profits for whom? The AI wouldn’t need them, and as the system grew more intertwined it wouldn’t have need of people. It would form logical arrangements with other AIs.

    And much of that “logic,” of course, will depend on what value set it was programmed with.

    I like the last section. Without it the corporation has no need to exist.

    Thoughts on the article, Alan Lovejoy?

  5. I like that Greg ,no need to exist. Does that mean no profit at all. Because AI doesn’t need a profit anyway? Or does it?

  6. Uscared Hotsauce Dies it? Why?

    Does it need a workforce? And if it doesn’t then what need it there for profit?

    Does the profit earned go into one of those Universal Basic Income plans, so that people can survive and buy products?

    Does an AI corporation need investors?

    Do AI corporations need profits in order to buy (or buy from) each other? Is exchanging information sufficient? (An AI probably has no greed and no need to buy “nice things.) Would two AIs “discuss” merging and then agree that it’s the logical thing to do and so do it?

    Or would one decide that it’s more efficient to just crush the other and take over?

    How long before all corporations are Taco Bell? (Demolition Man reference.)

  7. Lots of questions lol of which I have no answers. Interesting to think about though

  8. Thanks for the additional musings Greg Mee and Uscared Hotsauce. That’s exactly what an exploration like this is intended to do.

  9. AI can’t have sex in the work space or can they. Then how do they multiply. By robots making more robots. We can not take sex out of the equation. Can we? I vote NO

  10. Uscared Hotsauce Heh. You AIphobic you. 😉

    Sure, an AI could build a bunch of workers. That’s where the who thing starts to get interesting.

  11. Thanks, Paul Gowan. That is the intention – to get people exploring these questions. I’d not heard of Nine Chains to the Moon, but it sounds very interesting.

  12. Citing myself here: […] AI-augmented corporations (AICs), which use AI to optimize their gains in society. It could lead to multiple superintelligences. I mentioned AICs long ago ( http://www.sl4.org/archive/1010/21019.html ). It will be competitively adventageous for corporations to use AIs to optimize their enterprise resource planning. Positive feedback loops (business revenues from optimized business processes) would likely fuel further re-investment into strenghtening the AI capabilities of an AI-augmented corporation, possibly to a point, where the corporation management is less smart than the corporation AI, which could then easily set up barriers, blackmail schemas, and other failsafes to take control over the owners… And today we have many closed corporations. A step to right direction, could be ( http://www.opencompany.org/ ). So, probably first we should pass laws allowing such open companies to exist, and then, economic incentives for corporations generally to be open. Oh, and I am not sure what to do with the possibility of someone misusing their intellectual achievements. Probably, best people’s collaboration and project management tools should be in traditional cloud storage rather than encrypted and distributed dark-nets/VPNs, at least for a while. ( *originally at http://futureoflife.org/2016/07/20/op-ed-ai-systems-can-persons-rights/#comments )

  13. AICs acquiring large chunks of power corps should raise a few (human) eyebrows,assuming of course they don’t already produce/own their own. I guess they could “suggest” such a move beforehand.idk…still early

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