3rd Order Engagement

3rd Order Engagement

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3rd Order Engagement

Third-order engagement is a framework for thinking holistically about the network of people connected to an organization. 

First-order engagement is engaging employees in the work of the organization.

Second-order engagement is employees engaging the customers and partners of the organization. 

Third-order engagement is customers and partners engage other customers and partners. 





  1. The fourth-order is an emotional investment in the relationship which then provides a reflected sense of self.

  2. Ping John Ellis… Something tells me we should read this…

  3. This seems like a reflection of ethical business management.  I don’t mean the public praise of moral buzzwords/phrases that don’t actually mean anything.  I mean having good character, being aware of the principles that mean the most to you – the principles you’d rather loose your position for than betray.  I mean that kind of character that others recognize in your actions and policy decisions without the use of inspirational posters or meaningless business blather.  At least, these are the qualities that inspire me to be engaged.

  4. I don’t know if it’s forth-order, Eddie McDermott, but I do think there is much to the idea of seeing ourselves reflected in the relationship we build with companies and their products and services. It’s one of the real tricks of a great brand. 

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