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Knowledge Technology as the Muse Learns to Compute

Knowledge Technology

Knowledge technology, from Greek alphabet to Artificial Intelligence, always changes how and what humans know.

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The Future of Knowledge: Can It Exist Without a Human Mind?

the future of knowledge

In an era of machine intelligence, can knowledge exist without a human mind?

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Machined Prejudice: Three Sources of Technology Bias

technology bias

Technology bias can amplify the worst of human nature. How do we keep it out of artificial intelligence?

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Corporate Artificial Intelligence: Can Investors Control a “Perfect Profit Machine”?

As corporations automate, might the artificial intelligence of a "perfect profit machine" simply decide to stop distributing profits to human owners?

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As Technology Lifts the Burden of Logic

The sea of rising code lifts the burden of logic and our brains are left to wonder what it means to Be Human.

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How the Chatbot Changes Our Relationship to Organizations

The chatbot revolution won't just change the way we interact and communicate with organizations.

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Machine-based Collective Intelligence and the Human Experience

Artificial intelligence is changing humanity’s relationship to knowledge with profound implications for the future of the human experience.

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How Gig Economy Platforms Like Uber Will Automate Human Work

How Gig Economy platforms like Uber use technology to create jobs today that they will automate and eliminate tomorrow.

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Artificial Intelligence as Force of Nature

As artificial intelligence evolves, our machines will act with a complexity that increasingly feels like nature.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Smart Gyms of 2026

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things built the community-owned Smart Gyms of 2026.

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